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By High speed train
2 hours away from Paris (23 round-trips/day)
Direct journey to Paris CDG airport
Direct journey to Lille (4h); Lyon (4h30); Strasbourg (6h)
By plane
1 hour from Paris
1h30 from Amsterdam, London and Madrid


Nantes Today
The 6th French largest city (590 000 inhabitants)
Nantes regularly retains the 1st place for its widely envied quality of life
An eco-city that prefers to recycle and convert its industrial heritage
A dense network of eco-friendly public transport

Nantes, European Green Capital 2013.



  In 1466, former capital of the independent dukedom of Brittany, became united with France through the marriage of Anne de Bretagne with the French king Louis XII in 1466.

  In 1598, Henri IV signed the famous Edict of Nantes in order to end 36 years of civil wars between Catholics and Protestants.

  18th- 19th centuries: Nantes, one of the 1st international Nantes was one of the most prosperous European city, bringing back products from around the world : spices, cotton, coffee and sugar…

La Cité can meet all requirements in terms of capacity, layout and technical options.

  5-minute walk from the train station, 20-minute drive from the airport (airport shuttle every 30 ‘)

  Over 300 events yearly, almost 30% of international attendance

  3 auditoriums, 30 meeting rooms, 6,000 m² of exhibition spaces



The Dukes of Brittany Castle and its great history museum, Saint-Peter cathedral, The Passage Pommeraye, the Graslin Theatre, The LU Tower (national center for contemporary arts), the Jules Verne Museum, 18th century ship-owners’ houses in the Ile Feydeau, The Memorial to the Abolition of Slavery, La Cigale, 19th century brasserie listed among the historical monuments, parks and gardens…

Les Machines de l’Ile - A team of machine builders have set up their workshop in the industrial warehouses of the former shipyards, at the heart of the Ile de Nantes. The designers have been building a bestiary of living machines.

45 minutes from Nantes - La Baule, "Europe’s finest beach”, 9 km of fine sand forming a sheltered south-facing bay. Vineyards offer a whole range of wines, including the famous Muscadet. Clisson an Italianate town with some wonderful buildings around La Garenne Lemot and its castle.

 90 minutes from Nantes - The marshes of Brière is a country park with more than 200 species of bird, is best visited by boat. Not far away are some charming busy fishing harbours (La Turballe, Le Croisic and Le Pouliguen..). Guérande is also a must-see. This mediaeval walled town is famous as a major supplier of salt since the Middle Ages.

120 minutes from Nantes - Mont Saint Michel - UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Mont Saint Michel forms a tower in the heart of an immense bay invaded by the highest tides in Europe. Loire Valley castles - From the 14th to the 16th century, the Loire Valley attracted the kings of France who had their most sumptuous castles built all along. Paris



Writing: BIA, Jane Metayer
Creation date: 13 April 2009
Update: 24 October 2011