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Social Program

Daily lunch (as well as morning and afternoon tea) at the Centre Diocésain Convention Centre are included in your full registration.
Vegetarian and Halal  options can be ordered. You may also specify mandatory requirements concerning allergies (the latter will be handled on an individual basis). These options should be specified during the registration process.

Gala Dinner
Congress Gala - Restaurant le Richelieu

Date: Thursday 23 August 2012
Time: 19:15 - 22:30
Venue: 44 Place de Jaude (central plaza in down-town Clermont-Ferrand)

Being one of the oldest populated regions of Europe, this central region of France offers a wide range of convivial rural dishes, as well as genuine local products. Auvergne is world famous for its French AOC cheese such as Saint Nectaire, Cantal and Auvergne Blue Cheese (among many others). At the Restaurant Richelieu, you will enjoy the typical cuisine of the Chef Gérard Anglard, one of the founding members of the "Toques d'Auvergne".

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price:  40 €

Field Trips

Auvergne is an area combining hercynian old mountains with faults and volcanoes.

The volcanism in Auvergne is associated to crustal faulting belonging to the West European Rift, stretching from the Mediterranean to the Baltic and North Sea. Some of its volcanoes are very young - the last eruptive deposits identified until now are less than 6000 years old - But there have been completely still (dormant) from that time. Because of the very long volcanic activity along the rift, almost all the types of volcanoes on Earth can be found in Auvergne. For that reason the Auvergne has played a premier role in the history of the science of volcanology. Because of its complex landscape, geology and the diversity of microclimates and soils, Auvergne also offers a very high biodiversity.


Sitting just West of Clermont-Ferrand, the "Chaîne des Puys" offers a unique series of 80 domes and craters. Our two field trips will allow you to discover two of these volcanoes. These field trips will take place of the August 22 afternoon (there will be no session during the field trips so that both the participants of the conference and the accompanying persons may register for field trips)

1- Hike up the Puy Pariou :

The Puy Pariou is the archetypical cone shaped crater (in fact a Strombolian volcano). We will climb up the crater, enjoying the wonderful view on the Chaîne des Puys as well as the changes in vegetations along the climbing. Please make sure you are fit enough to do this walk and that you have the proper equipment (shoes, hat, water ...).


Duration of the hike : 2h00
Distance : 5 km
Altitudes : Maxi 1213 m Mini 977 m
cumulated climbing and descents : ~ +350 m -410 m


2- Cross-sectional anatomy of a volcano: le Puy de Lemptégy :

Visit le Puy de Lemptégy quarry exposing the "roots of a volcano":  You may see many features typical of the volcani

c landscape such as volcanic chimneys, lava flows and huge volcanic bombs. You will observe the magma feeding system under and through a volcano; you will learn how volcanologists work out the reconstitution of the volcanic history of these young volcanoes. You learn about the use of volcanic rocks and you visit a local craft-shop producing "lave émaillée" (lava ceramics).  Visit duration 2h30 (very easy,  in English).      more info

Puy de Pariou


Puy de Lemptegy

Writing: B Moulia
Creation date: 13 April 2009
Update: 08 December 2011