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List of sessions

1. MicroMech : Cell Wall, Cell and Tissue Micromechanics.

  organizers: Dr B Clair* @  /  Pr A Geitmann @   read more   sponsor this session

2. Tree : Trees and Wood Biomechanics. 

organizers  : Dr C Coutand*  @ / Pr H. Yamamoto @       read more   sponsor this session

3. Sense : Mechano- and Gravi- Sensing and Transduction.

organizer  : Dr N Leblanc-Fournier* @ /  Dr M T Morita @   read more   sponsor this session

4. Growth : Biophysics of Growth.

organizers  : Dr O Hamant* @  / Pr W K Silk  @   read more  Session Sponsored by the CIPB

5. Morpho: Biomechanics of Morphogenesis (and pattern formation).

organizers  : Dr A Barbacci*  @ /  Pr D Kwiatkowska @  read more   sponsor this session

6. Ext-Flow : Plant - Fluids Mechanical Interactions  I- external flows.

 due tu insufficient number of submissions, this session will not open; the accepted presentations have
been redistributed to the Tree, Motion and Tools sessions

7. Int-Flow : Plant-Fluids Mechanical Interactions  II internal fluids.

organizers  : Dr E Badel* @  / Pr F Ewers @   read more   sponsor this session

8. Root-Soil : Plant- Soil Mechanical Interactions.

organizers  :   Dr N Everitt @ / Pr R Ennos @ read more   sponsor this session 

9. Motion: Plant Motions and Plant Tribology.

organizers  :  Dr R Bastien* @  /  Pr JL Julien  @   read more   sponsor this session

10. Eco-Evo : Ecological and Evolutionnary Biomechanics.

organizers  :  Pr P Roeckel-Drevet* @ / Pr F Telewski @   read more   sponsor this session

11. Model : Integrative Biomechanical Modelling.

organizers  :  Dr T Almeras* @   read more   sponsor this session

12. Tools : Metrology and Softwares for Plant Biomechanics and Mechanobiology.

organizers  :   MSc J Franchel*  @  /  Dr T Constant* @  / Dr M Rudnicki @  read more   sponsor this session

13. BioMim : Plant Biomechanics for  Biomimetics.

organizers : Dr T Masselter @  / Pr T Speck @       read more   sponsor this session

14. BioMat : Applied Biomechanics for Material Sciences and Engineering.

organizers : Dr D Julien-Pierre* @  /  Dr B Thibaut @       read more   sponsor this session

15.Misc : Miscellaneous = Other topics. 

organizers  :  Dr C Lenne* @       read more

For the list of accepted presentations by sessions and the tentative program see Schedule / Guideline

* Note:  In order to involve the whole Plant BioMechanics community from the receiving country into the Plant BioMechanics Conferences, the chairs and IAB have chosen to have the sessions organized and chaired by a group of two or three persons including one or two scientist s working in or visiting the organing country, and a member of the IAB or Scientific Committee. 


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Writing: B Moulia
Creation date: 14 January 2008
Update: 21 June 2012