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7th Plant Biomechanics International Conference 2012
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You can register for the Plant Biomechanics Conference 2012 on this page

  • If you wish to register to the conference , please read carefully and completely  the following guideline 
- By clicking on "register for symposium" at the bottom of this page,  you will start to process your stepwise registration process  through a standard virtual basket (or cart) page.
- To begin with, you will need to pick a first package (usually a "registration to the conference" package) within the list of all the possible items.
- To do so just click on the corresponding "add" pushbutton.
- This will fill your basket with this first item, and drive you to the display of the current contents of your basket ( "List of packages you want to register to").
- You will also find the guideline for the next step
  • If  you have already submitted an abstract and have an account, click on "Login" to speed up your registration
  • if you wish to submit an abstract for a talk or poster first, go to the page entitled "Submission", and after completing the form you will find an option to register for the symposium.
- Note:  You may fill your basket sucessively with all the packages you are interested in on a single run. But you may also perform successive partial registrations (e.g.  on day 1 buy one conference registration package, day 2: buy two "gala dinner" packages"  , day 6 "buy one Student housing", day 10 buy one "Sudent Registration" ...). Note however that at the deadline for early registration,  the side-items ( gala dinner, field trips, student housing) will only be validated upon the booking and payment of a registration to the conference.

Once your registration has been validated , cancellation/ refund  are possible at the following rates : 100% before May-31-2012, 50 % before July-15-2012,  ( a 30 €  fee will be retained for processing costs in both cases). No refunding after July-15-2012.   If you are asking for a cancellation , please send an email to

Writing: B Moulia
Creation date: 31 January 2008
Update: 06 February 2012