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7th Plant Biomechanics International Conference 2012
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Together with the Tourist Bureau of Clermont-Ferrand, we have chosen 5  hotels (** and ***) just close to the Streetcar route (= tram track)
(direct connection to the central part of the town as well as to the Conference center) and made pre-reservation so that you may find rooms available.
Four of these hotel are located at a short walk distance from the Conference Center (and from Montferrand),  and one is located closer to the old city of Clermont and to Clermont downtown.
These pre-reserved rooms will be sell on a "first come first served" basis.

to book your hotel in Clermont-Ferrand
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Student Housing
We have pre-reserved 50 student rooms (room size = 9 m2, single bed , 1 person only) with shower, toilets , lavabo and fridge .

They are located at

C.R.O.U.S Résidence Universitaire Philippe Lebon
28 Boulevard Côté Blatin, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand

see in Google Maps

close to the park "Jardin Lecoq" and to the Tramway station "Université" on line A (see map of the line A).

The price is 17 € / night.  

You may book one room during the Registration process, on a "first come first served" basis  (include a Student Housing package  in your "basket" with the proper count for the required number of nights) .
If you wish to make a  pre-booking  while not having secured your funding, choose the option "bank transfer" for the paiment. This will allow you to pre-book the rooms and to delay your order of payment.  Note however that this pre-booking will be automatically cancelled if your bank transfer has not been achieved by the deadline for early registration.

Please NOTE also that:
  • these rooms are for  STUDENTS ONLY  (and for 1 person per room)
  •  registration will be ONLY BE VALIDATED  upon paiment and the reception of  a confirmation email from you including i) a scan copy of your valid student card and ii) your arrival-departure dates. The confirmation email should be sent to  just after you have made your registration to the conference (including in your "basket" a Student Housing package with  the proper count for the  number of nights).

more info about this housing (in French)

Campgrounds / Cabins

Campgroungs can be found around Clermont.  If you do not have a car , only the campground in Royat can be reached by town buses from the Conference center

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Holiday Cottages / B&B

If you plan to stay for the whole week or more with your family or friends , you may rent a cottage in the country or a room in a B&B guesthouse  (note that usually a car is needed, and make sure you check the communting distance and time to Clermont-Ferrand properly).

to rent a cottage or a room in a B&B  (on a week basis) click here

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Writing: B Moulia
Creation date: 23 November 2011
Update: 08 December 2011