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International Conference on Plant and Canopy Architecture Impact on Disease Epidemiology and Pest Development • July 1-5, 2012 - Rennes, France
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Plant and Canopy Architecture Impact
on Disease Epidemiology and Pest Development

International Conference

July 1-5, 2012 - Rennes, France

The conference includes oral presentations (keynote speakers), short oral communications and poster presentations. 

The programme and the abstracts are available for consultation here.



Sunday 1 July 2012

18:00-20:00 - Registration
20:00-21:30 - Welcome cocktail (buffet)

Monday 2 July 2012

 Welcome addresses (09:00-09:30)
- Bernard Tivoli (Scientific and local committees)
- Grégoire Thomas (Director of Agrocampus Ouest)
- Patrick Herpin (Head of INRA, Rennes)
Introductive talks
09:30-10:05 - Bernard Tivoli, A. Calonnec, B. Ney and D. Andrivon: Current knowledge on plant/canopy architectural traits that reduce the expression and development of epidemics pdf
10:05-10:40 - Evelyne Costes, P.E. Lauri, S. Simon and B. Andrieu: Introduction to plant architecture, its diversity and manipulation in agronomic conditions pdf

Coffee break

Session 1 - Disease and pest epidemics in canopies with different architectures

11:10-11:55 - Karsten Mody: Relationship between plant architecture and plant infestation by arthropod herbivores pdf
11:55-12:30 - Agnès Calonnec, J.B. Burie, M. Langlais, S. Guyader, S. Saint-Jean, I. Sache and B. Tivoli: Impact of plant growth and architecture on pathogen processes and consequences for the epidemic behaviour pdf
12:30-12:45 - Angelena Syrovy, S. Banniza, and S. Shirtliffe: Inter-seeding semileafless with conventional leafed field pea alters canopy and Mycosphaerella pinodes blight development pdf
12:45:13:00 - Basudeb Dasgupta:  Effect of crop canopy structure on the incidence of leaf rot and leaf spot of betelvine (Piper betle L.) pdf


Session 2 – Effects of plant and canopy architecture on microclimatic variables and epidemiological processes

14:30-15:15 - Sukumar Chakraborty and I.B. Pangga: Climate change impacts on plant canopy architecture: implications for pest and disease management pdf
15:15-15:30 - Matthew Cromey, R.F. van Toor; S.L. Bithell; S. Keenan and S.F. Chng: Influences of host architecture in soil on multiplication and survival of take-all inoculum pdf
15:30-15:45 - Myriam Desanlis, E. Mestries, L. Lagarrigue, J.N. Aubertot and P. Debaeke: Effects of sunflower canopy on Phomopsis helianthi epidemics pdf
15:45-16:00 - Frédéric Bernard, I. Sache, F. Suffert and M. Chelle: Which temperature to simulate foliar epidemics × crop architecture interactions? pdf

Coffee break

16:30-16:45 - Benjamin Richard, F. Bussière, C. Langrume, F. Rouault, S. Jumel, R. Faivre and B. Tivoli: Pea canopy architecture affects microclimate and ascochyta blight development

16:45-17:00 - Robin Caillon, S. Pincebourde and J. Casas: Thermal ecology of spider mites at the leaf surface pdf
17:00-17:15 - Sylvain Pincebourde and J. Casas: From global to micro-climate changes: Biophysics reveals buffering mechanisms at the canopy scale pdf
17:15-17:30 - Sébastien Guyader and F. Bussière: Comparing anthracnose dynamics and leaf wetness duration in staked and unstaked plots of water yam pdf

17:30-19:30 Visit of Rennes historical centre (Departure by bus from Agrocampus-Ouest)
19:30-20:30 Reception in the Rennes city hall offered by Rennes Métropole (in the presence of Mrs. Isabelle Pellerin, Deputy mayor and Research delegate of Rennes Metropole)

Tuesday 3 July 2012

09:00-09:35 - Michaël Chelle, S. Pincebourde, I. Sache, M. Saudreau, S. Saint-Jean, F. Bussière, L. Huber, F. Bernard, A. Leca, R. Caillon and C. Gigot: Climate and plant pest dynamics: scales matter! pdf
09:35-09:50 - Guillaume Girardin, , C. Gigot, C. Robert, C. de Vallavieille-Pope, F. Suffert and S. Saint-Jean: Effect of wheat canopy architecture and rain characteristics on Septoria tritici splash-borne spores
09:50-10:05 - Claudine Pasco, B. Marquer, C. Langrume and D. Andrivon: How potato architecture affects microclimate and late blight epidemics pdf
10:05-10:20 - Louise Larissa May De Mio,  C. Nunes Nesi, G. Alves, P.J. Ribeiro Junior: Spatial heterogeneity of peach rust in the canopy of peach trees pdf

Coffee break

Session 3 – Canopy architecture, crop physiology and disease impact on yield

10:50-11:35 - Rebecca Grumet and K. Ando: Modified plant architecture to enhance crop disease control via reduced contact with soil-borne pathogens: possible value of upright fruit position in cucumber.
11:35-12:10 - Julie Smith, M.O. Bancal, P. Bancal, I.J. Bingham, M.J. Foulkes, D. Gouache, B. Ney and N. Paveley : Crop Architecture and Crop tolerance to biotic stresses. Mechanisms to limit crop losses pdf
12:10-12:25 - Srikanta Das, P.S. Nath, A. Basu and B. Dasgupta: Altered plant canopy architecture of Safed musli (Chlorophytum borivilianum) on disease severity, growth and yield under field condition pdf

Session 4 – Integrative modelling

14:00-14:45 - Harald Scherm, S.E. Everhart, A. Askew and L. Seymour: Disease distribution in complex three-dimensional canopies pdf
14:45-15:20 - Pierre Casadebaig,  M. Langlais, C. Fournier and R. Faivre: Design steps of a generic model to simulate air-borne diseases as a function of crop architecture: case of the archidemio project pdf
15:20-15:35 - Romain Barillot, D. Combes, P. Huynh and A.J. Escobar‑Gutiérrez: Ideotype construction from an architectural model of pea pdf
15:35-15:50 - Julie Caubel, M. Launay, F. Brun, F. Huard and N. Brisson: Using a coupled disease-crop model to quantify indirect effect of climate change on disease development pdf

Coffee break

16:20-16:35 - Catherine Abadie, C. Landry, F. Bonnot, V. Ravigné, J. Vaillant and J. Carlier: Evaluation of host partial resistance efficacy to a foliar disease using a simulation modelling approach: case of Mycosphaerella leaf spots diseases of banana pdf

16:35-16:50 - Alexandre Leca, M. Saudreau, L. Parisi, C. Gros and A. Lacointe: Spatial variability of wetness duration within a tree-crown pdf

Short Poster presentations (5 minutes each)

- Lilian Amorim and G. Frare: The architecture of weed plants do not influence Colletotrichum acutatum survival pdf
- Corinne Robert, M. Abichou, B. Andrieu, M.O. Bancal, E. Barriuso, C. Bedos, P. Benoit, V. Bergheaud, M. Bidon, B. Bonicelli, C. Chambon, E. Cotteux, J. Da Costa, B. Durant, C. Fournier, N. Gagnaire, D. Gaudillat, C. Gigot, G. Girardin, D. Gouache, J. Jean Jacques, L. Mamy, B. Ney, N. Paveley, B. Perriot, S. Poidevin, V. Pot, C. Pradal, S. Saint-Jean, J. Salse, C. Sinfort, J. Smith, A. Ter Halle, E. Van Den Berg and A.S. Walker: ECHAP project: to reduce fungicide use by associating optimal treatment strategies and canopies promoting disease escape pdf
- Basudeb Dasgupta, S. Das, A. Basu and P.S. Nath: Impact of alteration in plant canopy architecture on disease incidence, growth, and yield of Sarpagandha (Rauvolfia serpentine) pdf
- Basudeb Dsagupta, S. Das, A. Basu and P.S. Nath: Reduction of incidence of Bud Necrosis Virus disease and increase of yield of Groundnut crop through manipulation of canopy growth pdf
- Valerian Lebon, C. Gigot, M. Leconte, E. Pelzer, C. de Vallavieille-Pope and S. Saint-Jean: Cultivar and species mixture effect on wheat Septoria tritici blotch spreading
- Florence Esnault, A.M. Jacob, R. Pellé, R. Lecointe, J.P. Dantec and J.E. Chauvin: Study of a potato dihaploid mapping population to investigate the relationships between late blight resistance genes and plant architectural genes pdf
- Partha Sarathi Nath: Adjustment of Cultural Practices in Tomato to Manage the Canopy for reducing Tomato Leaf Curl Viruses in India pdf

Wednesday 4 July 2012


Session 5 – Genetic control of architectural traits involved in epidemic reduction

09:00-09:45 - Phil Miklas, J.D. Kelly and J.R. Myers: Genetic and phenotypic characterization of physiological resistance and avoidance to white mold disease in common bean pdf
09:45-10:20 - Alain Baranger, J.E. Chauvin, E. Costes, C. Giorgetti and P.E. Lauri: Genetic variability for architectural traits involved in disease/pest reduction pdf
10:20-10:35 - Stephen Jones, J. Foulkes, D. Sparkes and R. Ray: Identification of physiological traits in wheat conferring passive resistance to Fusarium head blight pdf

Coffee break

11:00-11:15 - Carole Giorgetti, G. Deniot, H. Miteul, F. Mohamadi, G. Morin, C. Morlet, C. Onfroy, M.L. Pilet-Nayel, J.P. Riviere, B. Tivoli and Baranger A: Stability of genetic factors controlling architectural traits and partial resistance likely to reduce ascochyta blight epidemics in pea
11:15-11:30 -  Peter Bokor: Reaction of sunflower hybrids to natural infection of the most important sunflower pathogens pdf

Poster visit


Touristic visit: Mont-Saint-Michel
Conference diner: Château d'Apigné

Thursday 5 July 2012

Session 6 – Integrated pest-disease management using canopy architecture

09:00-09:45 - Mary-Ruth Mc Donald, B.D. Gossen, C. Kora, M. Parker and G.J. Boland: Advances in control methods based on canopy modifications to manage plant diseases pdf
09:45-10:20 - Didier Andrivon,  A. Baranger, A. Calonnec, P. Cartolaro, R. Faivre, C. Giorgetti, S. Guyader, P.E. Lauri, F. Lescourret, B. Ney, L. Parisi, I. Sache and B. Tivoli: Defining and designing architectural ideotypes to control epidemics? pdf
10:20-10:35 - Daniel Molitor, M. Behr, S. Fischer and D. Evers: Impact of cluster-zone leaf removal on grape (Vitis vinifera) bunch rot (Botrytis cinerea) pdf
10:35-10:50 - Amitava Basu: Management of Canopy structure to reduce the Severity of Anthracnose Disease of Grapes under Indian condition

Coffee break

11:15-11:30 - Christophe Gigot, S. Saint-Jean, L. Huber, M. Leconte, C. Maumené and Vallavieille-Pope: Using wheat cultivar mixtures to reduce severity of Septoria tritici blotch, a rain-borne disease
11:30-11:45 - François Bussière and S. Guyader: Can yam staking affect anthracnose epidemiology?

Conclusive talk

11:45-12:30 - Neil Paveley, M. Grimmer, J. Smith, J. Foulkes and C. Robert: Benefits and costs of disease escape, resistance and tolerance pdf



Writing: INRA
Creation date: 14 January 2008
Update: 13 October 2011