International Symposium on Emissions of Gas and Dust from Livestock

EmiLi 2012

International Symposium on Emissions of Gas
and Dust from Livestock

10-13 June 2012
Palais du Grand Large, Saint-Malo, FRANCE

It is a pleasure to invite you to the international symposium on Emissions of Gas (ammonia, GHG, odors) and Dust from Livestock to be held in Saint Malo, France from 10-13 June 2012.
This event is organized by the French partnership network on Livestock and Environment. It will be an opportunity to present the latest scientific advances from research on gas and dust emissions in animal agriculture and will contribute to providing information that industry and governments need in order to achieve cost-effective gas and dust mitigation outcomes. Information exchanges will occur not only in oral presentations and posters but also during meals and breaks.


This symposium should be the opportunity to show complementarities between research teams and to promote international scientific collaborations.

Conference topics include:

  • Measuring methods
  • Inventories/Emission factors
  • Modeling
  • Air quality and health impacts
  • Mitigation strategies
  • Environmental evaluation
  • Bioenergy
The official language is English.

You are strongly encouraged to get involved in this event and enjoy the June sunshine with us in Brittany!

See RMT Livestock & Environment

Le Réseau Mixte Technologique (RMT) « élevages et environnement » organise pour la première fois en France en 2012 un symposium international traitant à la fois des émissions de gaz et de particules des élevages. Cet évènement a pour objectif de rassembler les chercheurs et ingénieurs du monde entier spécialistes du domaine.
Les échanges seront favorisés par des présentations orales ou posters d’ateliers et des moments d’échanges moins formels (repas, pauses) dans le cadre agréable que constitue la ville de Saint-Malo.



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