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1st International Conference of Food Digestion
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Scientific Committee

  • Dr Didier Dupont, National Institute of Agricultural Research, France (Chair)
  • Dr Alan Mackie, Institute of Food Research, UK (Vice-chair)
  • Pr Francesco Capozzi, University of Bologna, Italy (WG1 leader)
  • Pr Bruno de Meulenaer, Ghent University, Belgique (WG1 deputy leader)
  • Dr Andre Brodkorb, Teagasc, Ireland (WG2 leader)
  • Dr Isidra Recio, CSIC, Spain (WG2 deputy leader)
  • Pr Tor Lea, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway (WG3 leader)
  • Pr Alessandra Bordoni, University of Bologna, Italy (WG3 deputy leader)
  • Pr Peter Shewry, Rothmasted Research, UK (STSM coordinator)
(in brackets, responsability in COST Action FA 1005 Infogest)
Writing: INRA
Creation date: 28 November 2011
Update: 05 December 2011