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1st International Conference of Food Digestion
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Scientific Programme

Day 1 : Monday 19th March
14:00 Opening Welcome
Achille Franchini, Chair of the Organizing Committee, Head of the Department of Food Science, University of Bologna
14:10 Presentation of the COST Action FA 1005 INFOGEST
Didier Dupont, Chair of the action, INRA UMR STLO, France
COST as platform for networking and research
Peter Raspor, Vice Chair of COST Domain Committee Food and Agriculture
Keynote speaker :
Imaging the processes of digestion using MRI: Novel parameters and insights

Robin Spiller, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
15:15 Berry polyphenols inhibit digestive enzymes: A source of health benefits?
Gordon J. McDougall, The James Hutton Institute, Scotland
15:45 Coffee break
16:15 Application of in vitro digestion models for fruits, beverages and their ingredients
Anna-Marja Aura, VTT, Finland
16:45 Starch microstructure and starch hydrolysis in fermented barley and oat during in vitro digestion
Marie Larsson Alminger, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
17:15-19:15 WG meetings (for Infogest participants) // Poster session
20:00 Gala dinner offered by OROGEL S.p.a.
Day 2 – Tuesday 20th March
8:15 Simulated gastrointestinal digestion of casein-derived peptides and in vitro absorption through different intestinal cultures models
Isidra Recio, CIAL, CSIC-UAM, Spain
9:00 Molecular Characterization of Dairy Products: from Food to Absorbed Metabolites
Lotti Egger, Agroscope Posieux, Switzerland
9:30 Harnessing natural reactions and interactions to modulate emulsion behaviour in the gastrointestinal tract: Insights from in vitro gastrointestinal models
Uri Lesmes, Technion Institute of Technology, Israël
10:00 Delivery of bioactive compounds to gastrointestinal cells using nanoliposomes of different composition
Anilda Guri, University of Guelph, Canada
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Time domain measurements and high resolution spectroscopy are powerful Nuclear Magnetic Resonance approaches suitable to evaluate the in vitro digestion of protein-rich food products
Francesco Capozzi & Alessandra Bordoni, University of Bologna, Italy
11:30 The effect of the matrix structure on the digestion and absorption of milk proteins in vivo
Florence Barbé, National Institute of Agricultural Research UMR STLO, France
12:00 Mechanistic modeling of the digestion of dairy solutions and gels as compared with mini-pig in vivo data
Steven Le Feunteun, National Institute of Agricultural Research UMR GMPA, France
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Spatiotemporal mapping and modelling of the duodenum: A physiologically based fluid mechanical model of pendular activity
Clément de Loubens, National Institute of Agricultural Research UMR GMPA, France
Structural and functional studies of a bioactive protein complex produced during digestion: in vitro and in vivo studies
Louise Sullivan, Teagasc Food Research Center, Ireland
Effect of meat cooking temperature on the protein digestion rate and the small intestinal digestibility of proteins in minipigs
Marie-Laure Bax, National Institute of Agricultural Research UMR UNH, France
15:30 Coffee break
The Role of the Mucus Barrier in Digestion
Alan Mackie, Institute of Food Research, United Kingdom
Simulation of Physiological Digestion - how structure formation and breakdown during gastrointestinal digestion affects the overall metabolic response after food intake
Tim Lambers, NIZO Food Research BV, The Netherlands
Satiating properties of different dairy matrix microstructure and their impact on in vitro digestion of nitrogenous nutrients
Sylvie Turgeon, Laval University, Canada
17:30-22:00 Poster and exhibition session around a buffet
Day 3 - Wednesday 21st March --- Industry-oriented conference ---
8:30 Keynote speaker:
Understanding gastrointestinal behavior of dietary bioactive compounds and potential interactions with product matrices

Martin Foltz, Unilever R&D, The Netherlands
An artificial masticator designed for multiple purposes in food and nutrition research
Marie-Agnès Peyron, National Institute of Agricultural Research UMR UNH, France
Reducing caloric intake by food formulation
George van Aken, NIZO Food Research, The Netherlands
Coffee Break
Human Milk and (Hydrolyzed) Milk Formulas display Distinct Protein Digestion Kinetics in vitro
Evan Abrahamse, Danone Research, The Netherlands
Impact of Casein/ soluble milk proteins ratio of Infant formulas on in vivo protein digestion and gut physiology
Karima Bouzerzour, National Institute of Agricultural Research UMR STLO, France
A combination of freeze dried yogurt bacteria and acid microbial lactase improves lactose digestion in lactose maldigesters more than acid lactase or yogurt bacteria alone
Michael de Vrese, Max Rubner-Institut, Germany
Conclusion and perspectives
When Industry will meet Academy
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Creation date: 15 February 2012
Update: 09 March 2012