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Why and how your company could sponsor the First European Biorefining School?

The organizers of the 1st European Training Course on the principles and technologies for biorefining aim to make this event into a major venue that will bring together some of the best experts in the biorefining field. As well as supporting this event via their participation, some companies would like to take a higher profile position, making a clear statement of their responsible engagement in the training of young researchers. To this end, the organizers have decided to propose a certain number of sponsoring packages that aim to help would-be sponsors to define the best way to communicate their support of the summer school.

Sponsor a PhD student by covering his/her registration fees: €700

This type of support will allow the sponsor to clearly communicate on their company’s support for young researchers.
  • When applying for the course, students will be asked to supply details about their PhD thesis and to explain why they wish to participate in the training course. These details will be communicated to the sponsor, thus allowing the company to choose those who will benefit from support. In order to ensure equal opportunities for all, the information will be anonymous,
  • Once selected the beneficiaries will be informed and their badges will show the logo of their sponsor preceded by the phrase “Sponsored by”.
  • Sponsor logos will also appear on the list of participants.

Sponsor the welcome cocktail party: €1200

The welcome cocktail will be a key event for two reasons: first it will officially kick-off the training school and, second, it will allow the participants to network among themselves and with some of the experts who will be teaching. As a sponsor of this event, your company will underline the importance of professional relationships and networking.
  • At the beginning of the cocktail event, support from sponsors will be acknowledged via a public announcement
  • a poster will also display the logo of the sponsor accompanied by a phrase expressing thanks.

Sponsor one of the school's experts: €2000 per expert

The training school aims to offer an educationally-rich program of lectures that will be delivered by some of the top specialists in biorefining. The quality of the lecturers will ultimately define the success of the event. By sponsoring a lecturer’s travel and accommodation fees, your company will associate itself not only with an expert, but also the expertise and the scientific/technological area that he/she represents. We will ensure:
  • your logo on the badge of the sponsored expe
  • your logo displayed at the entrance of the conference room
  • your logo on the course documents

Didn't find the offer that fits your company's wishes?

While we have endeavored to offer an attractive selection of packages, we understand that companies may have other suggestions for sponsoring. To discuss any other ideas for sponsoring, you are invited to contact the organizers, first by sending an e-mail to

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Creation date: 28 January 2011
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